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    Beats Newest Pill+ Now Comes in 58 Colors

    When we first looked at the Beats Pill+, one thing that stood out to us was that it only came in two colors — black and white. We didn’t complain much about an otherwise spectacular speaker because we knew more colors were going to be coming very soon. Very soon just so happens to be […]

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    Facebook Rolls Out Streaming Video to Some iPhone Users

    Facebook is starting to roll out its streaming video feature, called Live Video, to all mobile users starting with a select few using Facebook on iPhones today. Just keep in mind that unlike other live streaming mobile apps like Periscope and Meerkat, these videos won’t be as transient — once streaming has been stopped, the […]

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    Scientists Create Substance Harder and Brighter than Diamonds

    Researchers at North Carolina State University have their carbon game down pat, but they might want to outsource the naming of their new materials. Good thing the boring name of ‘Q-carbon’ (quenched carbon) doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the creation of a new material that outstrips diamonds in hardness and brightness. But, Q-carbon […]

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    Elf Yourself Returns With New Dances, Cats Now Free

    Nothing says good, clean holiday fun like Elf Yourself. The web app turned mobile app is now in its second year since OfficeMax and Office Depot went full Dragon Ball Z and fused into one, but we’re happy to say that that hasn’t changed a thing for the worse, aside from making us kinda forget […]

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    Nutella Refuses to Personalize Jar for a Little Girl Named Isis

    Nutella has publicly let the terror group occasionally known as ISIS own the name, refusing to personalize a jar of Nutella for a five-year-old girl named Isis in Australia. Nutella has refused to reverse the decision, despite Isis being a perfectly fine girl’s name up until a few years ago, even under the debatable assumption […]

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    This iPhone 7 Rumor Might Not be Music to Your Ears

    Next September is a long way away, but the rumor mill has already been active when it comes to the iPhone 7. With a new number meaning a redesign is in the works, it’s safe to say that Apple will make significant changes to its flagship phone in general, but a new rumor being passed […]

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    You’ll Be Amused By This One Weird Facebook Trick

    Earlier today, The Hacker News discovered a kinda weird thing that happens on Facebook if you do something really obscure. According to the report, independent hacker Sachin Thakuri discovered that a bogus page displaying a fake life event can be generated by manipulating the URL of that event, which I guess could be used to […]

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    Anonymous Hackers Declare War on the Islamic State – Again

    Anonymous, a group made up of whoever feels the need to use the name at any given moment, has declared war on the Islamic State for the second time this year following last weekend’s attacks in Paris. Unknown individuals issued a YouTube video using many of the so-called hacker group’s traditional calling cards, like cinematic […]

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    Now Mastercard Wants Everything to Be a Payment Device

    Oh, you thought MasterCard was done with payment by selfie? Not even close. They’re not going to stop until everything can be used as a payment device, and when we say everything, I don’t think we’re exaggerating that much. Per an announcement made earlier this week in Las Vegas, MasterCard will be working with companies […]

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    Microsoft Opens Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue

    Microsoft is undergoing an image transformation, and there’s no better way to slough off the stodgy image of the ’00s than to start rubbing shoulders with trendy, upscale buyers and sellers. Today, Microsoft opens the doors of their new flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street, and it’s going to be Windows Disneyland from […]

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    Brooks Releases NYC-Themed Shoe in Time for the Marathon

    The New York City Marathon is set for November 1, and in case you needed a little more inspiration for this year’s race or to get started on training for next year, here’s a brand new pair of running shoes for you to break in! Brooks has released their Bright Lights, Big City Adrenaline GTS […]

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    Polar Adds Heart Rate Monitoring to Their A360 Fitness Tracker

    Optical heart rate monitors have been common in fitness trackers for a while now. Polar’s insistence on developing their own proprietary tracking technologies have made them late to the party, but they’ve managed to catch up with A360, their first wrist-worn fitness tracker with optical heart rate monitoring. The A360 has a rectangular color touch […]

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    Amazon Cracks Down on Paid Reviews With Massive Lawsuit

    Tired of seeing reviews on Amazon that were obviously typed by greasy-palmed hands? So is Amazon — the company has filed a lawsuit in Seattle against 1,114 individuals accused of offering paid review services to Amazon sellers using the gig website Fiverr, claiming that paid reviews damage Amazon’s brand. According to Amazon’s own investigation, the […]