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    Polar Adds Heart Rate Monitoring to Their A360 Fitness Tracker

    Optical heart rate monitors have been common in fitness trackers for a while now. Polar’s insistence on developing their own proprietary tracking technologies have made them late to the party, but they’ve managed to catch up with A360, their first wrist-worn fitness tracker with optical heart rate monitoring. The A360 has a rectangular color touch […]

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    Amazon Cracks Down on Paid Reviews With Massive Lawsuit

    Tired of seeing reviews on Amazon that were obviously typed by greasy-palmed hands? So is Amazon — the company has filed a lawsuit in Seattle against 1,114 individuals accused of offering paid review services to Amazon sellers using the gig website Fiverr, claiming that paid reviews damage Amazon’s brand. According to Amazon’s own investigation, the […]

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    Doll Designed for Little Boys Defies Societal Norms

    We’ve seen a lot of toys like Goldieblox try to tackle one half of the gender divide in toys by encouraging young girls to get interested in science and technology — what hasn’t been addressed as much is the social norms applied to young boys. That’s maybe not too surprising — young boys haven’t been […]

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    We Dig This Minimalist Table Designed for Tablets

    Is tech startup furniture its own category? Well, if you look at the offices of tiny tech companies or proto-startups like Google or Twitter, it becomes readily apparent. We’ve seen all kinds of furniture built for the perpetual dorm room and for the tech lifestyle — both of which design house Most Modest has nailed […]

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    Beats Pill+ Can Charge Your iPad On The Road

    Beats has been pretty quiet since being acquired by Apple early last year, coming out with only refreshed Solo headphones and Powerbeats earphones they were likely working on long before the acquisition. In other words, we’ve yet to see much of Apple’s influence over their new audio brand – until now. Today, Beats is releasing the […]

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    Girl Uses Barbie Fishing Pole to Reel in 20-incher

    In a story made possible by Barbie’s burgeoning merchandise empire, a young girl named Avery brought in the biggest catch of her young life with a pink Barbie fishing pole — a 20-inch bass. If I don’t see Avery and her Barbie gear tearing it up on Bassmaster in the near future, I’m going to […]

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    Cats From All Angles – Facebook Introduces 360-Degree Videos

    Cats, no matter where you look. This will be reality of your Facebook news feed soon, now that the social network has introduced 360-degree videos with the help of their pet acquisition, Oculus VR. Facebook made the announcement today, paired with a 360-degree video from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The video features Rey’s speeder jetting […]

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    Smart Shape-Shifting Clothing Takes Over the Runway at NYFW

    Clothes that intelligently change form according to data taken from your body? That’s what’s possible thanks to 3D printing and a new hardware module from Intel that looks to change what our humble garments are capable of (so, more than just hanging on your body). Intel and fashion line Chromat are at New York Fashion […]

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    Scientists Discover Human Species That Existed Before We Did

    Beneath a cave entrance so small that only a team of petite women could squeeze through, a stunning discovery was made that could be cause for paleoanthropologists to reevaluate the history of humankind — 15 partial skeletons of an ancient and previously undiscovered species of early human. The new species, named Homo naledi, was discovered […]

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    Philips Rolls Out a 27” 5K Monitor

    There was a big push at IFA 2015 toward cashing in on the not-so-nascent professional video gaming scene. An explosion of interest in high-performance gaming has paved the way for an explosion of interest in devices stuffed with more powerful processors and graphics cards. But, computing performance is nothing without a monitor to do it […]

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    One of Our Favorite Wearables Just Got a Pink Edition

    When Withings launched the Activité Pop at CES earlier this year, we thought the color options were pretty neutral and understated. It looks like Withings is set to bring a little more pop to the Pop at IFA 2015, introducing a bright coral pink color option for the fitness tracker. The Withings Activité line stands […]