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  • screenshot_53


    Teresa Giudice Tweets From Prison

    Personally, I think the real story here is that we live in a world where the phrase ‘since she checked herself into prison’ is actually used in all seriousness. But, I guess that’s by-the-by for Teresa Giudice fans, who have been graced with a tweet straight from Giudice’s temporary 15-month home. She got internet access […]

  • 4-Video


    Facebook Instant Articles Promises Faster News Reads

    If you have an iPhone, you can now start checking out more than just headlines from within the Facebook app. Alongside nine publishing partners, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles—full articles with interactive images and video that load instantly within the Facebook app, instead of kicking you out to a web browser. The idea is a […]

  • Stratos Lifestyle 1


    Stratos Connected All-in-One Payment Card Begins Shipping Today

    Stratos is fulfilling their promise of shipping in April right at the buzzer—their connected all-in-one payment cards are moving out starting today. After a long period of media silence and a name change, Stratos announced their card in early March alongside the promise of an April release. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to store […]

  • fb


    Facebook to Start Rolling Out Big Changes to Mobile Notifications

    According to a report from Mashable, Facebook is preparing to launch an update to its mobile notifications in an overhaul that would turn the notifications tab into a sort of mini news feed. Currently, Facebook notifications are limited to birthdays and things that directly involve you—events you’ve been invited to, activity in one of your […]

  • DSC08232


    RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector Review

    It’s been a good couple of years for pico projectors, with tons of competitors pushing each other to get smaller and more powerful. But, even in that crowded market, few have been able to pack as much power into a device as small as the RIF6 Cube. Despite its impressively small size—2″ cubed and just […]

  • DSC08224


    Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 6/6 Plus Review

    As great as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are, the rumor mill let us down in one big way—those stronger, scratch-resistant sapphire crystalline screens were meant for the Apple Watch, not the iPhones that, let’s be honest, so desperately need them. Just about every past or present iPhone owner has a story about how […]

  • DSC08756


    Armor Fit Clear Frosted iPhone 6 Case Review

    With the rise in popularity of dual-layer and hard smartphone cases, you might find yourself wondering what happened to those good old soft cases—form-fitting, easy-to-grip cases that don’t add too much weight, while still absorbing shocks and protecting your phone. Well, a new smartphone case maker, Armor Fit, is on it with their new Clear […]

  • Cher_Wang_in_WEF


    Ahead of the HTC One M9 Launch, HTC Brings on New Female CEO

    Just a day before the HTC One M9’s official (and delayed) release in Taiwan, HTC has shaken things up at the top, putting outgoing CEO Peter Chou in charge of “future product innovation” and promoting chairwoman and co-founder Cher Wang to the top spot. The HTC One M9 looks like a solid smartphone on paper, […]

  • Obama_jkimmel_show


    President Obama is the Ultimate Mean Tweets Reader

    This is it. Jimmy Kimmel might as well retire the Mean Tweets segment, because the man for whom this segment was practically created has finally participated. Possibly no one has ever had as many mean things written about them on the Internet than President Obama, so his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t even amount to […]

  • MHBW2-large-thrqtrlft-a


    Beats Pill Barry McGee Edition is Geometric Goodness

    Ever since its release, the Beats Pill has been a great source of custom and limited editions and licensing deals, with artists and designers creating their own takes on Beats’ most recognizable Bluetooth speaker. The latest is a collaboration between Beats and Barry McGee, a San Francisco-based artist known for his geometric patterns and colorful […]

  • c03739124_1560x1144


    Win the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Mini PC!

    Despite what others may say, size does matter. And that is exactly what makes the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Desktop PC so unique – and that is that it is so tiny! But not only is it tiny, it’s also mighty. You can check out our full review of the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 desktop here. But we […]