Monster LRG – Hip Hop Meets iPhone Cases

lrg2.jpgWhen Monster decided to deviate from their more typical products of cables and accessories for the X-box 360, PS3, Ipod, Zune etc, they decided to add a hip dimension to their designer iPhone cases. So where do you go to make cases that stand out for a cool phone even cooler? LRG of course – L-R-G which stands for Lifted Research Group fashions which specializes in street wear fashion. Founded by Jonas Bevacqua and MC Robert Wright, they originally met while collaborating on Hip Hop music. An already established designer on his own MC and had previously worked with companies such as Quicksilver and O’Neal. Monster and LRG joined together to create ‘Monster LRG’, a collection of super funky cases, with a hip urban vibe that is certainly going to give your iPhone street cred. The collection includes cases available in various colors ranging from simple red, black, and brown leather cases to much more unique purple, aqua-blue, and green army fatigue designs. What particularly makes this case stand out besides the its funky design, are the materials used. The cases sport Kolon Chamude liner for keeping your screen clean. A detachable key chain, and four belt loops for your belt or strap to wear it anyway you want too are also included. The Monster LRG is a great holiday present for anyone who has an iPhone and is looking to add a little more pop to an already hip phone. The cases retail for $49.95 at most Apple stores or on-line at lrgisamonster.comlrg3.jpglrg.jpg

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