Stamp Your Face on a Dancing Elf and Send it to Your Friends

elfyourself.jpgForget traditional holiday greeting cards, even the e-greetings cards can be dull. Instead head over to ElfYourself.com and create a very personal and humorous greeting using your face. Upload your picture to ElfYourself and the site will attach your face to an image of a dancing elf. You can create up to four different dancing elves, so that the whole family can each be an elf. You can also record and attach a message to go a long with your new dancing elf. You can bet your friends and family will get a good chuckle when they click on the link which reveals you as Santa’s little helper.

Update 11/11/2013: Elf Yourself by officeMax is back, just in time for the 2013 Holiday season! This year you can upload photos from your computer, or directly from your photos on Facebook. There are also now a total of nine dances to choose from! That includes Funk, Hop Hop, Disco, 80’s, Country, Singing, Surf, Charleston, and Classic. Plus, you can now include up-to 5 elves at a time in a dance.

Once you’re done creating your dance, you can Share it via email or Facebook, or you can take it with you and download it for $1, which includes downloading a file that is compatible with the iPad and iPhone.



  1. It didnt when I wrote this, I meant the elf yourself thingy. It has been sort of repaired since I wrote this. The thing was, first, it wouldnt share with facebook, and I had to send to twitter, to send to face book, then if clicked by the person I sent it to, it went back to office max and said invalid I.D. ..But since then, if one presses get pics from facebook, it use to say no friends are available, now, however, you can get them and then share, but it still doesnt work all the time on facebook itself. It does sometimes however..WOW!, must of connected somehow. 🙂

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