Samsung 2008 Spring Fever Gadgets

pebbles.jpgWe had a blast at the Samsung Fever Showcase looking at all the great cool stuff coming out soon, as well as what is out already. Below are some of the items that caught our attention.

Samsung Series 4 450 3-D Ready Plasma HDTV:
The first of it’s kind, Samsung always thinks outside the box and has introduced the first 3-D Ready Plasma HDTV, allowing viewers to interact with the Plasma in a truly 3-D experience. There will be accessories sold separately, such as 3-D glasses and a PC module that will truly give the 3-D experience right at home. The TV is already available to purchase.

Samsung Series 6 650 and Series 7 750 Plasma HDTV:
Samsung has partnered with USA TODAY to provide the on-demand service of keeping you up to date with sports, news, and stock information. The functionality of this on-demand system will work through InfoLink RSS service, which will provide the content directly from USA TODAY right to your screen. To access the information consumers only need to grab their remote and press the RSS button. There will also be a Wireless LinkStick Accessory so your TV can connect to the web wirelessly without long messy wires. There is also the “Touch of Color” design implemented into all the models in this line that is a subtle yet beautiful with its hue of red frame.

Samsung S2 MP3 Player:
The S2 ‘Peeble’ MP3 player may resemble a piece of coal but I believe there is a diamond in that rock. Available in a variety of colors: Green, Purple, Red, Black, and White. The S2 is truly a unique yet fashionable DAP that will definitely be a conversation piece more so than some boring old Nano. The S2 has LED lights that flash in different patterns and colors on the bottom of the device to enhance the music listening experience. It’s capacity will unfortunately only be 1GB and it will be available in June.

Samsung S3 Slim Portable Media Player:
Available in 4GB or 8BG and out in June too. The S3 looks like it will have the same “touch” keys like the P2 and even a similar Menu. Simple and trendy the S3 is not looking to be an iTouch competitor but just another option for those savvy MP3 consumers out there.

Samsung Flash based SC-HMX20C Camcorder:
Featuring 8GB of built in memory which is equal to 90 minutes of recording time, the SC-HMX20C is a huge incentive over similar flash-based HD cameras which require you to buy memory for before you can even use it (Sony HDR-CX7 and the Canon HF100 to name a few). The camcorder features a 2.7 Touch Screen LCD, 1080p recording, 10X optical zoom, an HDMI docking cradle as well as a Digital picture capability. Cute and small, just the way we like it, it will be available in May 2008 for a very reasonable $899.99.

So there you have it, the gadgets and gizmos that made our mouth water. We cant wait to get our hands on a few of these items when they become available.

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