Promax|BDA 2008 Celebrates the Best Promos of the Year

This week in New York, Promax|BDA held its annual New York conference which celebrates the best that broadcast design of the year. We’re talking about those great commercials, promos, and campaigns that are forces of creativity and entertainment for everyone involved – whether you watch them or helped produce them. The event brings together attendees from TV networks, media and marketing agencies – all of the folks that work hard to bring us innovative eye candy. Promax|BDA ’08 had a wide assortment of panels this year. Amongst the variety of panels was the DTV TRANSITION SYMPOSIUM which discussed the challenges behind the upcoming transition to DTV. The whole process is a bit confusing for everyone – whether you’re watching TV or making TV content.
Other interesting events on the schedule included the Promax|BDA Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation and Interview with Vince McMahon/ Chairman of the Board of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). Whether you like watching the WWE or not, you have to admit that it has become a staple of American culture over the years which has had tremendous impact worldwide.

Finally, another cool event at Promax|BDA 2008 was the State of Design presentation which showcased very original and beautiful motion graphics pieces from around the world. Even if you weren’t there, you can check out quicktimes of the pieces at Motionographer who should have them up very soon.