8 Speed Transmission Electric Bike with Built-in Odometer

If you are an avid bike rider, than I’m sure you will appreciate the Eight-Speed Transmission Electric Bicycle from Hammacher Schlemmer. If you like to climb hills alot with your bike and seem to loose steam while pumping away at the pedals, the transmission electric bicycle has an 8 speed transmission built into the horizontal chain that is powered by a 750-watt electric motor. The overall design of the bike looks like a sad face but you’ll never be sad with this thing as it saves you energy as well as being ergonomic. It also has a fire engine red color that is a nice touch. Another cool feature is that there is an LCD which displays the odometer, clock, chronograph, and speedometer. This bike can go 30 miles at 20mph before needing to be recharged for 5 hours via an AC adapter. But the best part is that you can disengage the bike whenever you want to ride it normally like you would any other bicycle, in order to conserve power. Everything is controlled by a thumb toggle on your handlebars. So what does something like this cost? $5,500… but I guess that is not bad for a bike that does so much. Then again, for this price you can almost buy a car.

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