Hands On with Samsung’s New Touch of Color All-in-one LCD TV / PC Monitors

Samsung’s new Touch of Color LCD monitors are the new LCDs on the block to set the bar. The displays aren’t just LCD TVs, they also double as computer monitors. Ok, that might not seem like anything extraordinary at first – since most LCDs are capable of connecting to your PC as a monitor, however these beauties sport 1900 x 1200 resolutions so that in the PC display department they aren’t lacking. They also come with 2 HDMI ports, twin 3 watt speakers, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, an optical audio pout port, and a built-in TV tuner. Their 1080P means you can watch Blu-ray movies in all their glory and use them to hook up to your PS3 as well. Their price points are also very reasonable.

The T260HD 26″ retails for $599, the T240HD 24″ for $549 (both 1080p) and there is a more affordable T220HD 22″ version as well, with a less exciting 1,680 x 1,050 panel resolution but it does have a cheaper $429 price tag. In line with Samsung’s other new TVs, these LCDs also happen to sport one of the best designs in the market – a transparent plastic bezel with a sleek reddish hue that pops and looks like a million bucks. If you’ve been shopping around for a new TV in time for the DTV transition, these 3 certainly make great values. In person, the performance of these displays are top notch.