Samsung’s Fall Digital Camera, and Camcorder and Printer Preview

Samsung has a bunch of digicam and camcorders set for release this September, all of which are looking to be feature rich and affordably priced. Amongst them is the TL34HD. The TL34HD sports an amazing 14.7 megapixels inside a surprisingly small body. Samsung has scrapped the traditional button based user interface and replaced it with a new 3.0 touch screen based interface that lets you do neat things like delete photos by drawing an X on the surface of the display. The camera also sports 3.6x optical zoom, dual image stabilization (optical + digital), smile and blink detection, a new Recycle Bin feature, and the ability to shoot 720P video with H.264 compression. The camera will retail for $329.95.

The TL9 is a new Ultra-compact cam that doubles as portable media player with Mp4 video and Mp3 music file playback abilities. It’s also got a 10 megapixel sensor with 5x optical zoom, dual image stabilization, and a 2.7″ LCD. But the unique aspect of this camera is its killer design touches – it sports two analog (yes, analog!) dials that indicate the current battery and memory capacity. The TL9 will retail for $279.95. Samsung also unveiled the sleek and very slim SL201 with 10 megapixels, 3X optical zoom and a 2.7″ LCD. It will be available in black or silver with the very tempting price of just $169.95.

Their camcorder line-up has something new for both the casual You Tube’er and the prosumer too. The new SC-MX20 retails for just $279 and can record standard definition footage  (720×480) on to SDHC cards as big as 32GB, It’s available in a spiffy red, blue, white or black choice of colors. It’s also got a dedicated YouTube mode, a 3 hour battery life, a practical swivel grip and a 2.7″ LCD screen.

For those looking to film in HD, there is the new SC-HMX20C that can record up to  1920×1280 resolution. It’s got 8GB of built-in memory with the ability to expand via SDHC cards. IT also has a 6.4 megapixel CMOS sensor and and 8MP for still images. Other notable features include the ability to record in slow motion up to 300fps. The SC-HMX20C retails for $849.

Samsung’s new Super Cheap Color Laser Printers

Samsung was also showing off some new budget color Laser models. All the models are a classy black and tend to be smaller than traditional laser printers. The CLP-315W retails for just $199, with a wireless version just $249. And if you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one color laser, the new CLX-3175FN retails for just $299 and might be just what you are looking for. The CLX-3175 scans, copies, faxes, and it is even network ready. Overall, these prices are very competitive – they’re priced like black and white laser printers.