Atomic Bass by Radius Earphones Review

After testing the beats by dr. dre last week, it was pretty much settled that there would be nothing else that could compare, it basically accomplished everything you could want out of an expensive pair of headphones. However when was I was asked to review Atomic Bass from Radius, I was taken by the fact that for small earphones it claimed to also deliver excellent bass perfectly suited for Hip-Hop and Dance music. Was this a joke or was I going to be surprised…. I was about to find out.

When I first unpackaged these Japanese designed headphones, they didn’t look like your typical pair of earbuds. The casing is constructed of satin aluminum and an angled tube chamber is what sits in your ear canal. This brings the sound as close to your ear drum as you can possibly get. Another nice touch is that the atomic bass headphones come in a range of colors such as green, blue, black, maroon, or violet – just the right selection for matching your iPod Nano. The wiring is also white as oppose to traditional black, so it makes the headphones look like they are related to the Apple family design-wise. Which is great for those who want to color coordinate or just have a variety of colors to choose from.

I plugged the earphones into my iPod touch and then inserted the buds into my ear canal. I was very impressed right away. I picked one of Madonna’s new songs that had intense bass and it sounded really good. I didn’t feel the need to push on the buds while in my ears to feel the music. The thumping was really impressive. I then took it out and plugged them into my stereo system and the quality continued to be outstanding. I have never been this impressed with a set of earbuds in a long while. There are two ways to wear the Atmoic Bass earphones, “Standard Mode” is the typical way you would wear a set of earphones. Then there is “Deep Bass” and Fitness Mode” which means you rotate the earphones back and let them rest on the nook of your ear, looping the soft earphone cable around the top part of you ear and letting it drag down the back of it. Both earbuds can be reversed to whatever makes you feel comfortable. My one fear though was that if I left it in to long I might go deaf! The chamber does go a bit far down in your canal and I was nervous it may hurt my ear drum. But everything should be done in moderation. So don’t blast the music so loud in your ears that it starts to hurt, regardless if you are using Radius Atomic Bass earphones or plain old iPod earbuds.

Overall I had a very good experience using the Atomic Bass. These are relatively cheap earphones for only $39.95 that do a good job of listening and feeling the music. These little buds pumped out a lot of bass and even though they may not be as expensive or heavy duty as Dr Dre’s Beats I think they could be its little kid sister.


Good: Made well and sounds great, lots of different colors to choose from, Well priced.

Bad: Some consumers may be concerned how far they go into the ear canal.