GelaSkins for the iPhone and Macbook Review

What makes GelaSkins different than other companies offering skins for your gadgets? Gelaskins collection is made up of exclusive art by unique artists – you’re not going to find something ordinary like a leopard print or a plain solid color or even a pop icon like Homer Simpson. Instead GelaSkins offers a selection of unique and mostly modern, artwork by artists that you might have never heard of before but regardless, you’ll be pleased by the variety and quality of the selections that Gelaskins offers.

GelaSkins makes skins for iPods, the iPhone, the RAZR, Nintendo DS Lite, the PSP, Mac laptops and their skins will fit some PC laptops as well. They also sell GelaScreens for the iPhone which is essentially a set of 2 clear skin protectors for the iPhone and current gen iPods. The GekaSkins for the iPhone and iPod Touch even come with a code so that you can download matching wallpaper to complete the package by going iphone.gelaskins.com. Unfortunately they don’t come with Gelascreens, so that means your iPhone’s fascia isn’t protected, we really wish they included that in the package as well. However they do offer a 40% discount if you purchase a Gelaskin and Gelascreen together. Another gripe that we have with the Gelaskin for the iPhone is the fact that it doesn’t wrap around the side of the iPhone for optimum protection.

Applying the skin to both my Macbook Air and iPhone was simple, though it did take a few tries to get it perfectly laid on my Macbook Air without producing any air bubbles. Fortunately the quality of the skin is top notch, so that even after reapplying it several times, it did not lose its “sticky” consistency. The quality of the skin is also superior to other skins I’ve tried in that it is thicker and feels stronger. I’ve been “wearing” the skins on my laptop and iPhone for over a week now and so far haven’t experiencing and peeling or fraying at the edges, though a week is a bit short to be able to tell whether or not the skins will peel over time. But overall the quality is so great that we wish they would let you upload your own designs the way other Skin companies do.

The quality of the prints are very vibrant and colorful. I’m in love with the designs in person, the photos on the Gelaskins web site almost don’t do them justice. In person, the Gelaskins make my gadgets pop with a unique feel. After all, EVERYONE and their uncle has an iPhone nowadays, at least the Gelaskins make mine stand out – and not in a cheap way but rather in an artistic way.


The quality of GelaSkins are top notch. Their skins are made of a vibrant and colorful material that looks made to last. So much so that you can reapply them many times without noticing a loss in “stickiness” consistency. GelaSkins for the iPhone retails for $14.95 and Gelaskins for Macbooks retail for $29.95. The latter might seem a bit pricey, but these skins are really stylin’ and look like they will last for a pretty long time.

The Good:
Great selection of unique art work, quality skin material

The Bad:
GelaSkin doesn’t cover sides of the iPhone and iPhone screen protector not included


  1. We’ve just released a new line of GelaSkins for the iPhone 3G, and they do cover the sides for the new iPhone. Thanks for the review! (www.gelaskins.com)

  2. We’ve just released a new line of GelaSkins for the iPhone 3G, and they do cover the sides for the new iPhone. Thanks for the review! (www.gelaskins.com)

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