Casio Baby G MSG300C-1B Review, the G-M Line of Sophisticated Watches

The Casio G-Shock watches are hip and trendy and often accessories found on celebrities such as Kanye West. The Baby G line is similar to G-Shock but with a feminine touch. The watches are smaller and less bulky and are more attractive on a ladies wrist. The best part though, it has all the same special features of their G-Shock counterparts.  We got our hands on one of the new G-M’s in the Baby G line of watches. Specifically the MSG300C-1B and we where excited to see if it indeed was the perfect balance of feminine and sporty.

Right off the bat this Baby G, of the G-M line is definitely feminine. It sports a metal and black resin band and pink face with six studs on the bezel. When I put it on my wrist, it was not only very sporty but trendy too. You could easily wear this watch to a business meeting or to a casual affair. The watch could even be mistaken for an even more high end brand because of the style of the band. It is never to bulky or seems too masculine on your wrist. In fact it was very light weight.  It could easily compliment a business suit or a Lacoste Polo shirt.

The Baby G, MSG300C-1B has an impressive list of features that make this watch even more enticing. The face of the watch is unique that it has an analog face with the hour and second hand but it also has 3 little digital faces too.  There are two screen settings that will change what is shown in the digital circles. If you are in the Time/Day screen; then the left circle represent hour/minutes, the right circle will represent the day in words, and the bottom circle seconds. If you are in the Day/Time screen; the left circle will show the month and day, the right circle will show the day as a word, and the bottom circle will be seconds again.

The watch also automatically detects the time too. 29 times zones (48 cities) are embedded in the watch so that no matter were you are in the world you will have the correct time just by entering the correct home city code you are in. In addition there are 5 independent daily alarms with 3 alarm patterns. The MSG300C-1B is  also water resistant up to 100M. That doesn’t mean it’s waterproof… so be sure to dry it off when you get it out of the water. The watch also has a countdown timer and an embedded calendar which is programmed till the the year 2099. Lastly it also has a convenient built-in light, which when pressed gives off a soothing neon orange glow. All of these awesome features are controlled by the 4 buttons surrounding the watch’s face.

We tested it under some running water and the resin as well as the metal had no reaction. We quickly dried it off and it was fine. We didn’t stuff it into a freezer this time around or drop it. But we did go out in the heat with it and ended up smacking it against a few desks and it handled just fine.

The Baby G  MSG300C-1B, definitely stands apart from the rest of the G-M line. It’s both trendy and sporty without being grotesque looking. It also has enough features to actually be useful on a daily basis.  You can easily mix and match it with outfits in your wardrobe and no one will accuse you of wearing your boyfriend or husband’s watch.  The fact you have digital as well as analog time keeping makes it even more unique. What I liked especially about this watch is that it’s Baby G designed for executive women. It has the coolness factor that all Baby G watches have but yet you could wear this at work or at a party without it looking like a rugged all plastic watch, which some Baby G’s have the tendency to look like. This is strictly a ladies only watch and with that extra touch of pink it makes it even that more special. The Baby G  MSG300C-1B retails for $160, which is pretty fairly priced for a classy watch.

The Good: Great design and professional women will love it for the analog and digital features.

The Bad: Buttons could be a little easier to press to activate features.