Hands-on with FreeAgent Go and FreeAgent Desk Drives

We got to take a look at Seagate’s new FreeAgent line-up in person today. Our impressions of all of the hard drives are that they are very slick. The FreeAgent Go Drive in particular is super slim and it also feels very lightweight. It’s a wonder that you can carry around 500GB in one of these things. If desk space is an issue and you don’t require all the available connections in the FreeAgent Desk Drive versions, get the FreeAgent Go. You’ll hardly know it’s on your desk or in your bag. The FreeAgent Go Drive for Mac is a little thicker because it accommodates a Firewire 800 port, but for some Mac users like myself – the extra thickness is worth it in order to have the Firewire 800 connection. The FreeAgent Go for Mac also comes with a carrying case and dock, while the FreeAgent Go does not. However you can purchase the dock and case for FreeAgent Go for $29.
For people looking for lots and lots of storage, the FreeAgent Xtreme Drive and FreeAgent Desk Drive offer bigger capacities (up to 1.5TB), and the Xtreme comes with eSata and Firewire 400 ports. They both come with stands or you can stack them up flat on top of one each other.  The FreeAgent Desk Drive for Mac can’t be stacked up but it does come with FireWire 800/400 ports for Mac users.