Castelli Cycling Apparel Keeps You Warm All Over With NASA Fabrics

As technology and fashion continue to walk down the runway together, it was only a matter of time before fabrics were made of something else other than cotton. “Drawing on the immutable Laws of Thermo-dynamics, Castelli clothing designers have developed a ground-breaking fabric technology that takes advantage of the way the body creates, saves and loses heat. Called Radiation, the technology utilizes an ultra-thin, reflective space-blanket-material that maintains body heat without resorting to bulky layers of insulating material, such as fleece.” This new material has been Made specifically for the cycling community by Castelli Biking Apparel. It seems till now most designers of cyclist clothing have ignored the fact of the loss of heat. However this new material will insulate them better than before without being weighed down by more bulky materials. “This film reflects back 80 percent of the body’s heat in a super-efficient, super-lightweight manner, and with a thickness measured in microns.” There are several jackets available Alamos Radiation Jacket for women, Quantum Radiation Jacket, and Insolito Radiation Jacket. All of them have the aluminum reflective NASA-type space-blanket material which has now been made more suitable in for of a jacket.Prices range from $400 to $500 which is a bit pricey, but you’ll be the warmest cyclist on the bike trail.