Livewire FastTrac Ultra Thin GPS is Smaller than the iPhone

The Livewire FastTrac: Ultra-Thin GPS tracking with 1, 5, or 10 second updates is the thinnest GPS tracking system on the market. Even smaller than the iPhone! The web-based tracking system requires no software to be installed and gives real time GPS nationwide coverage. Zoom in on the map for the exact street location accurate up to “8 inches and 1/4 MPH.” The ability to integrate Skype and make quick phone calls is another nice feature of the Livewire FastTrac. You can just click on a person or vehicle that you are tracking on the map and automatically dial them. The device also alerts you via SMS for idle notifications, speed alerts, and entry and exit alerts when trackees go in or out of their user-defined virtual fences – so in other words, you’ll still be kept in on the down-low even if you aren’t near your computer to watch the map.

There is even support for up to 500 GPS trackers on a single map, so that you can keep an eye on all of your ex-boyfriends at once! Overall, this is maybe a nice alternative for those who don’t want to be committed to contracts, pay for updates, or lug around clunkier GPS systems. The Livewire FastTrac Ultra Thin GPS retails for $399.99 and for a limited time you can get a $100 rebate at Brickhouse Security.


  1. It is a good live wire ultra thin GPS. The good thing is that it is smaller than iPhone. The global positioning system is useful for locating the desired location accurately.

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