Hands on with the Casio High Speed Exilim EX-FH20

We got an opportunity today to be hands on with the Casio EX-FH20. If you recall we wrote about the camera a few weeks ago, so we were excited as heck to be able to test what really is the sweet spot of this camera, the 40 FPS high speed continuous shooting. This model is specifically being marketed to the consumers who are growing past the compact digital camera and are ready for something a bit more meaty but not yet ready for a heavy function and features D/SLR. The folks at Casio ( which I have to commend for thinking outside of the box in regards to PR) set up time at the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink for a select few to test out the EX-FH20, albeit in a controlled environment but nonetheless to experience hands on what it could do.  Glenn Anderson who is a NHL Hall of Fame inductee was on hand, along with two other hockey players to perform for the cameras – if you will and give us a chance to take 40 FPS images of what the naked eye can’t see. The Casio EX-FH20 performed well in regards to the 40 FPS shots and we even have a sample below of how it looked. You would think it’s video we shot but it is definitely 40 different shots just within a second that was captured. Who knew what you could miss in a blink of an eye? The camera body was easy to hold and the LCD is bright and easy on the eyes. The menu system, easily accessible takes some time to get used too. In addition, saving 40 FPS shots does take a minute or so before you can move on with your photo taking. I’m not sure the ‘soccer moms’ that the camera is being marketed too are really going to love this camera, it’s not really female in design but it certainly turns it up a notch from the basic compact digital Casio Exilim line. Alot of savvy consumers will like the features the cameras offers especially the ability to take HD movies, pics upto 9MP, and You Tube capture mode. The compact design and easy grip will assist with steadiness and the reasonable price make it a good primer for those aiming to be professional photographers in the future.

[youtube bFLeCL8Q9sg]