Hands on with Mitsubishi’s Diamond Series HC7000 Home Theater Projector

When it comes to your home theater, bigger is always better. But most people cant afford a 25k 70 inch plasma screen. However a sub 4k projector capable of projecting up to 70 inches sounds much more feasible. We got a chance to spend sometime with Mitsubishi’s new 1080p HC7000U projector and we came away mightily impressed with its picture prowess. Honestly, most of us at Chip Chick are Plasma/LCD folk, but when you add up the numbers, the cost of a projector over a Plasma/LCD makes sense if you’re looking for a truly large home theater experience.

The tempting Diamond Series Projector HC7000 also happens to sport a slick curvy black design, so that you wont mind it taking up space in your living room. The 1080p HC7000 promises deep blacks, great depth, and an a whopping 72,000 contrast ratio. We watched a Blu-ray video on the HC7000 and it did indeed feel like a cinematic experience. Unfortunately there are no speakers included with the projector but it provides all the necessary outputs to hook up the speaker system of your choice. Additionally the projector can also be used to connect to a PC. Another nice aspect of the HC7000 Home Theater Projector is that it runs very, very quietly, so that you won’t be disturbed by the noise you often hear coming from projectors. Other notable features include Anamorphic lens compatibility for a true widescreen experience, two HDMI ports, composite and component inputs, a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor, plus an unusually long – one-year limited warranty on the lamp. The HC7000 Home Theater Projector retails for $3,995. If you’re looking for an even more affordable option, the HC6500 is also worth considering. It sports a similar feature set but has just a 15000:1 contrast ratio. The HC6500 is available to purchase at Best Buy for $3,495.

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