Shame on you PC.com for Celebrity Techover

PC.com is a new web site aimed at helping ordinary folks learn about computers. Sounds good so far, right? They also have a bunch of online video shows. The most distasteful of which is – Celebrity Techover where already wealthy celebrities get expensive technology makeovers. For example – poor Josh Duhamel doesn’t have the home theater he’d like to have. And then there is Tori and Dean who cant get wifi out in their backyard – oh, and their kids like to watch TV but their LCD TV in the kitchen is kind of small (it looks to be only about 26 to 30 inches).  As if celebrities don’t already get bags and bags of free stuff, now they can get expensive technology makeovers too.
We have big issues about this show – from concept to execution. Regarding the latter, the show doesn’t delve deeply enough in to what went into the makeover process – the set up, installation and the specs in the items that were featured in the makeover. And for a show about tech, they should be getting in to at least the surface details. I’m not saying that they have to mention how many USB ports come with that new Samsung UMPC they gave Josh Duhamel to use by his pool, but they should be mentioning some of its feature highlights.

Now as for the whole concept. We are so sick of celebrities getting free stuff. Aren’t the wealthy people the ones who are supposed to be driving the economy by purchasing expensive products – instead of sitting on their money and paying for nothing? Ok, but we are realists and we know that celebrities will be forever getting too much unnecessary freebies.

The fact is that we want to see a show where needy people get technological makeovers. We want to see a  “techover” show for ordinary people who really would appreciate it. How many families can’t afford computers or internet in their home? Just giving a $400 EeePC to some impoverished kid would make so much more of a difference in his life and his families’ life, then it does for Josh Duhamell to get a free HD projector and a media center PC that he doesn’t quite understand.

Or how about the elderly woman who is confused about the dTV transition? How about getting her a new HDTV and setting her all up – explain to her about the transition and what to do so that other people can learn from it too.

Or maybe there is another elderly person whose vision is going and her old 13″ telly just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Or how about contributing a home theater center to a community center instead of to Josh and Fergie? The possibilities to use technology to change people’s lives here are endless. It’s not that often that something makes us this upset, but we cant help but feel what a waste this show is – and what potential it could have been.


  1. Look for “This Wired House” Premiering in February. It will focus on the regular folks and everyday ways to create cool systems in their home, Hosted by Rob Waters, an industry veteran and custom installer for 10 years.