SanDisk Intros slotMusic Cards & Players Personalized by Artists

SanDisk new SlotMusic Cards and slotMusic Players seem like an obvious progression in the world of digital music, yet SanDisk is the first to come out with these new concepts. SlotMusic Cards are microSD cards that come preloaded with DRM-free MP3s from music artists. The cards cost just $14.99 – comparable to a CD album, but unlike a CD, these cards have a 1GB capacity. Besides MP3 tracks, a slotMusic card also can include hold liner notes, album art, videos and other creative content that an artist may choose. Since the slotMusic card is essentially a microSD card, that means you can pop it in to a compatible cell phone, MP3 player, a PC or any other microSD device to use and take advantage of. A slotMusic card also comes with a tiny USB adapter so that connecting it to a computer is a cinch. Besides the slotMusic cards, SanDisk has also introduced the el-cheapo slotMusic Player which are artist branded players that come bundled with a slotMusic card for just $34.99. Here is a list of some of the artists who have already signed up:
* Chris Brown
* Coldplay
* Connie Talbot
* Daughtry
* Don’t Quit Fitness Bundle
* Elvis Presley
* Five Finger Death Punch
* Jimi Hendrix
* Jimmy Buffet
* Katy Perry
* Keane
* Kelly Clarkson
* Kiss
* Leona Lewis
* Lynyrd Skynyrd
* Metro Station
* Nelly
* New Kids On the Block
* Ne-Yo
* Nickelback
* Pussycat Dolls
* Rihanna
* Rise Against
* Robin Thicke
* Saving Abel
* Shwayze
* Solange
* Sugarland
* Tim McGraw
* Toby Keith
* Usher
* Weezer
* Young Jeezy

The verdict is in. Consider this all one more nail in the CD’s coffin.