Just Released Acoustic Research USB Headphones and Audio Docking System

If you are in the market for some impressive headphones that won’t break the bank, then you are in luck with the just announced Acoustic Research 5.1 Surround Sound USB Headphones from Audiovox. Instead of earbuds these travel friendly headphones provide a cheaper solution to Bose and are just as good in someways. An audio enthusiast will appreciate the surround sound with six separate speakers, three in each earcup! This is perfect when watching movies on your laptop. “The six high performance neodymium drivers optimize each audio channel (center, left/right, front/subwoofer and surround speakers), and deliver accurate 5.1 surround sound with extended bass.” When I tried them on I was equally impressed and the earcups were comfortable too.  The included carrying case is a nice touch and for $99.99 you are getting a pair of high end quality PC/Mac headphones that are decently priced.

Here we go again another iPod dock but atleast the Acoustic Research High Performance Audio Docking System from Audiovox is sleek and with a black high gloss design. Besides good looks it also is designed to impress sound-wise with “horn-loaded tweeters, a ported enclosure and premium audio crossovers to ensure ‘best in class’ performance”  The AR5100 is only three inches thin and with the slightest touch, the sensitive touch buttons on the front panel will respond. The slim design is bound to fit in nicely with any decor. The AR 5100 Audio Dock is available now for $199.99.