Create and Send Someone a Tacky Holiday Sweater Through E-mail

When the the holidays roll around there is always two things you can expect. Fruit cake and someone wearing festive holiday clothing. We Love Holiday Sweaters We Hate Sheep is a site solely dedicated to letting you create tacky holiday sweaters online. Know someone who would appreciate a festive sweater vest – go ahead and deck it out with as many Santas as you can or reindeer and then e-mail it to them. The recipient will receive this message when they open the e-mail:  “Chip Chick said you were the kind of person who loves holiday sweaters. Really loves them. Like you would wear a fuzzy felt reindeer on your chest in July with a pair of khaki shorts and sun visor. Get your holiday sweater fix, create your own, and see what Chip Chick knitted up here.” The e-mail will include a link to view the creation as well as to make your own.  The best part is your victim doesn’t ever have to wear the sweater. So go ahead spread some holiday and tacky fashion cheer – It’s free and fun.