Newber App Offers a Second Line for your iPhone

Newber is an all-in-one call management app for your phone. On many levels, it operates a lot like Grand Central – it lets you use one central number to give out to people, and that one number can forward to your cell phone, home line, or office phone, etc. This way you can be reached wherever you are, and the person trying to reach you doesn’t need to know all of your different numbers – but just one single number. This is of course what is so great about Grand Central. But Newber takes it a step further – Newber lets you return phone calls using that number. Do you never want someone to know your actual home phone number? This way they’ll never have to.
Newber also lets you seamlessly transfer a call from one phone number to another. Want to save your cell phone minutes? Newber lets you transfer a call to the phone number of your choice, so you can lets say transfer the call to a landline to save money. Or perhaps you’re in an area with bad reception? Newber can transfer the live call to nearby landline. You can also choose to turn Newber Off at any time, and have calls sent directly to voicemail. Either way, your actual iPhone number will keep working regardless of whether the Newber number is on or off. Newber costs $5 a month and 2 cents per minute. Check out some of their demo videos for more about how Newber operates.

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