Coveroo Your BlackBerry with a Custom Engraved Back Cover

If you want to get your cellphone or iPod laser engraved, it’s a commitment. It’s almost like getting a tattoo for your skin – once it’s done you can’t undo it or turn your skin back to what it once was. The same holds true with laser engraving a gadget. Not to mention, it’s likely that after you get bored with the design you will have depreciated the value of your device. Coveroo offers a much better solution than something so permanent. It has a wide range of back covers from the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Pearl, Samsung A737, and Samsung U340 all featuring lasered artwork. Coveroo, is a new company officially launching today and is associated with Etchstar who is famous for all those ‘etched’ iPods we reported on a few months ago. When this new fashionable tech accessory is unleashed to the masses, not only will flowery artwork designs be available but also some 250 exclusive designs as well as celebrity engravings like Star Trek, The Simpsons, The Beatles, Barbie, and the Family Guy. For $19.95 you can purchase a lasered custom back cover for your BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, or Samsung A737/U340. The Blackberry Bold will cost you a bit more at $29.95 for a back cover. Coveroo even offers a red back cover for your Bold – that should make it stand out even more! If you can’t wait to have this done to your device you may be in luck, if you live near a few select Best Buy stores that will be offering this customized engraving on-site. “In addition to Best Buy customers being able to personalize their new purchases by adding custom Coveroos, they can also bring their existing devices into participating stores to be etched – a particularly appealing solution for Apple iPhone users. Currently, Coveroo is set-up for business in the following Best Buy locations:  Bloomington, MN in the Mall of America; Fairfax, VA; Schaumburg, IL; and West Hollywood, CA; and has plans to extend its relationship and rollout to additional Best Buy stores in the coming year.”  The Coveroo is perfect for those who fear commitment and like change.

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