Nevoma iPod AthleticBands Review

Nevoma AthleticBands are meant for those who love to get in shape while doing bench presses to their favorite tunes. We see these kind of accessories all over, especially in the summer/spring on joggers, bicyclists, or power walkers. If you have an iPod and are somewhat athletic, chances are you have an armband for it. So it only makes sense that other companies jump on the band wagon and Nevoma has created their own version of the ‘Athletic Band.’

How special could an armband be right? Well the ones we received: the iPod Video AthleticBand, iPod Nano – 2nd and 3rd  generation AthleticBand, and iPod Touch/iPhone AthleticBand seemed to all have something a bit more special than your average armband. Slipping it on your arm is easy, especially when the Velcro strap is adjustable. The material is made out of a lightweight neoprene which is perfect for when you really work up a sweat. But if you do it is washable. A clear plastic mask protects your iPod screen from stones you may kick up as you run run run or just from other elements like rain etc… Another nice touch is the extra 2 compartments for carrying keys or some money, as well as a special compartment for carrying a cell phone. As we all know tight athletic wear never seems to include any pockets. This leaves your hands free and not worrying about loosing anything.

When I slipped the iPod Nano AthleticBand on my arm I adjusted it accordingly and then slipped my Nano into the Nano portion of the armband. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, then the Nevoma will probably not make one. Because of the extra compartments, it is kind of overwhelming on your arm and takes some time getting used too. However, the neoprene material feels nice on your arm and certainly comfortable.

Once you pile in your MP3 player, keys, cell phone and what not your arm does start to feel a bit heavy but the convenience of not loosing everything and it being in one place is always welcome. As I jogged around the block the band seemed fine on my arm and stayed in one place. But I got accustomed to the extra hump on my arm and soon enough I forgot it was even there.


If you can get over the lack of style – the Nevoma AthleticBands are certainly a nice gift for anyone who loves to workout and listen to their iPod at the same time. It’s also great for those who tend to lose things, and these bands keeps everything nice and tidy in one location when you’re out exercising. The iPod and iPod Nano AthleticBands are currently on sale for $19.95 and the iPhone/iPod Touch are currently selling for $24.95.

The Good:
Comfortable to wear. Extra compartments for cell phone, coins and keys etc.

The Bad:
Not exactly trendy. Carrying a lot of extra stuff in the extra compartments will weigh your arm down.