iFrogz Custom Headphones Review

The market has been flooded recently with an abundance of headphones and earphones. So what can a company do to make them stand out from the rest and be desirable to the consumer? iFrogz came up with an ingenious idea to offer customization for your headphones as well as a reasonable price.

In the past it has always been how the ‘company’ designed the headphones. With iFrogz it’s up to you how to design them. You can choose from a variety of headphones to customize. If you dig DJ style headphones with a swivel earcup you can choose to design either the Fallout or NervePipes, both are totally cool but do have a different overall style in headband and earcup size. There is even the ability to design a pair of earbuds too. We chose to mod a pair of NervePipes. This pair of headphones are nicely shaped for a woman’s head and are a decent size without looking to chunky on the ears.

The first step to customizing is to choose a headband color. The choices are either black or gray. Then you can customize the colors of the sidepieces, hinges, speakers (the backside of the earcup), and then the ear cushions. You can choose from a range of solid colors to make your headset pop and the colors range from black, blue, gold, pink, red and everything in between. When you get to design the the center portion of the speakers, that is were the fun really starts. There is so much to choose from you may want to create another pair of headphones just so you can have the whole collection. You can choose multicolor graphics that feature a wide range of unique designs that anyone would love. If your taste is more simple, then you can choose from the chrome, gold, black, and white all featuring the same images on them. You don’t need to be a techie to design your headphones. It is really simple and there is 3D image of your headset that changes as you modify the design. So you get to see exactly what you are designing.

Since this is a standard pair of headphones, there is no batteries required or tips to change. Just take it out of the package and plug it in and you are done.

Sound Quality:
The iFrogz are not meant to break the bank, so the $34.99 price tag for the NervePipes may make people scoff and say you get what you pay for in sound quality. However I was happily surprised. The sound produced was pretty good quality and certainly not subpar. Compared to my bose, you may not have heard the rich quality of the music but you certainly heard the bass and treble just fine. It had good sound quality that any consumer who isn’t an audiophile would appreciate. If you press the earcups closer to your ears you can feel the bass a bit better as the ear cushions really don’t conform to your ear and are a bit stiff. If the padding was a bit softer, than I bet the sound quality would be even better as it would mold to your ear better. Overall I was happy with the sound at this price point and it certainly didn’t make me scoff.

If you are looking for an affordable pair of headphones that you can add your own personal touch too without breaking the bank, then the iFrogz selection of headphones are for you. They also make a great gift if you are looking to impress someone with a bit of a personal touch. It ships within 48 hours after creating them,  talk about a great gift in a pinch! Overall, the NervePipes were a decent pair of headphones that produced good sound for the money, were comfortable to wear, and displayed our personal taste very well. These are not a pair of headphones that should be in anyway compared to a pair of bose headphones but they shouldn’t be considered a cheap novelty pair of headphones either.  The fact you can design your own means that these are truly a one of kind pair of headphones. No one else will likely ever have them and what better way to show your individuality.

The Good: Easy customization via the iFrogz website. Competitive pricing, good sound quality for the price. Ships within 48 hours.

The Bad: Would have liked the ear cushions to be less stiff and to conform to my ears.

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