Monster’s MDP 900 GreenPower Surge Protector Saves Money On Your Electric Bill

It’s great that green products are becoming more and more available, because often going green means you’ll also be saving money. Monster has a new line of surge protector products that are all about saving energy, so that you can also cut your electric bill costs while at the same time help the environment. Monster GreenPower products are designed to help reduce “vampire load” energy. Monster’s 900 ($129), MDP 800 ($99) and MDP 650 ($69.95) Digital Life PowerCenters all feature a special GreenPower Outlet Management system. The way it works is that you’re supposed to plug your computer into the GreenPower Control outlet, and  then plug your PC peripherals (printer, monitor, scanner, speakers, etc) into the specially marked Monster GreenPower Controlled outlets. As soon as your computer computer shuts-down or goes to sleep, the other GreenPower outlets will automatically switch off, thus eliminating the energy wasted by those peripherals since they are not being used anyway. Once you turn your computer back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically power the peripherals back up. We’ve personally tried out the MDP 900 and are especially digging its colorful labels for different peripherals (printer, modem, laptop, etc). You can pick up the MDP 900 for as little as $89.95.

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