Ionic Lifestyle Generator Will Make you Happy without Prozac

I know I feel refreshed when I open the window and get a big wind of fresh air in my face. For others it could be different things, either way the Ionic Lifestyle Generator looks to create that positive wash of relaxation over your body day in a day out. What this little gizmo is looking to do is the same thing by injecting negative ions into your area, a super powerful 2,000,000 anions per cubic centimeter to be exact. Comparable to the output of a waterfall that generates between ‘95,000 and 450,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.’ It will recharge your mind, body and soul while eliminating the effects of smoke, dust or air pollution.

There are several Ionic Lifestyle Generators that could help you at home – in the form of a wall charger, for the car – in the form of a car charger, and one in the form of a usb device, and they all start pricing at $49.95. The Ionic Lifestyle Generator USB/Computer in particular will eliminate electromagnetic waves from your computer and monitor while generating millions of negative ions that will make you more productive and happy.