7 Greener Gadgets and Services For Saving the Environment

This week is officially the Greenest week of the year for us. On Wednesday we headed over to the Greener Products Expo to scope out the latest tech to help you keep stay environmentally aware. And today, there is the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York, and to kick it all off we’re giving away three of Monster’s power saving Monster Digital PowerCenter MDP 900 Power Centers.

Read on to discover the best tech of the Greener Products Expo that will all  help you live a greener and more fulfilling life. Did we say fulfilling? Well, maybe that is stretching it – but some of these products will make definitely you feel better about yourself and/or your wallet.

The SolarGorilla charger is so powerful, that it’s able to charge most notebooks as well as most Mp3 players, cell phones, GPS systems and handheld video game consoles. It comes with a 20V power socket as well as a 5V USB port and a Neoprene case to carry it in. It’s also portable with a fold-up design that has traveling in mind. Sure, there are plenty of solar chargers out there, but most are only powerful enough to charge a cell phone or Mp3 player, but the ability to power a laptop as well makes the SolarGorilla stand out. It retails for $249.95.

When I think of recycling, I think of a confusing mess. The Mode Premium All-in-one Recycling Center aims to change all that by keeping all your recycles in a compact and organized fashion. The Premium All-In-One Recycling Center hold up to 3 times more than a typical bin by utilizing a compaction system that crushes aluminum cans and 8 oz to 2 liter plastic bottles and jugs. It also has a paper bin for reducing kitchen clutter by organizing all your recyclable materials into one place. Mode Premium All-in-one Recycling Center retails for $299.9

This Kiwi Gas Saving device is designed to plug into your diagnostic port (OBDII) near your steering column. Kiwi helps assess how much fuel your using and it helps you figure out how to reduce that amount. Kiwi kind of works like a game, encouraging you to increase your gas mileage with ultimate goal being to obtain the highest Kiwi Score – which will ultimately save you lots of gas money too. “Daily, Kiwi will show you how much money on gas you saved compared to the last trip you saved with Kiwi installed. Over time, you can keep track of hundreds of dollars saved throughout the year.” The Kiwi Gas Saving Device retails for $289.

Many people don’t realize how posionus food waste is too the environment and that it creates greenhouse emissions. The Insinkerator might look intimidating, and it certainly is an intimidating tool for grinding up food waste. The device claims to be a lot quieter then a standard disposer and it makes the process of consolidating food waste in to energy or fertilizer a lot easier. There are even some places over seas that use their food waste to produce fuel.

99% of Perf Go Green’s PerfPower Eco-Alkaline Batteries are made of Biodegradable materials and they contain no harmful lead or mercury. When it’s time to recycle these batteries, the company even provides you with everything you need to send the batteries back to them. This way they can recycle the batteries. Even the batteries’ packaging material is made from recycled materials. The end result is great because not only are you not poisoning a landfill with batteries, but you’re also recycling these batteries so that they can be used again. Perf Go Green also offers an assortment of other environmentally friendly products such as trash and litter bags.

Be Green offers you several unique ways to “give the gift of green”. For every BeGreen PodDaisy Flower Card , Chili Pepper, or Forget Me Nots you purchase, a native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States. Each gift retails for $9.95 to $12.95. So where does the tech aspect play in to this? “An average tree will absorb more than 650 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) over its lifetime — that’s equal to the amount produced by driving about 740 miles.” If you look at it that way, that tree you just helped plant can help offset some of the damage we do everyday by just driving in a car.

Call2Recycle offers you a convenient way to recycle your old cell phones, recharge batteries or cordless electronic products. So before you think of dumping that old battery out, do the planet a favor and head over to their site and search for locations near you. Their drop-offs can be found at many popular retail locations like Best Buy, CVS or RadioShack.

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