Uniea Haptique HardShell Case for MacBook Review

Available in white, black, pink, blue, green or orange, Uniea’s Haptique for the new MacBook Aluminum, is a hardshell case made of ABS plastic with soft touch coating that has a textured feel. The case also sports an soft interior to protect the surface of your MacBook from scratches while also providing opening for access to all the ports and ventilation holes to keep your laptop running cool. The Haptique’s surface is also described as having a leather-like pattern.

Right out of the box, all you have to do is snap the top piece of the Haptique to the top of your MacBook and the bottom piece to the bottom of your MacBook. The bottom piece of Haptique sort of snaps on to the back of the MacBook where the Hinge is.

The Haptique fits snugly around the MacBook, so it’s a secure fit. Its port openings also align correctly with the ports on the MacBook. On contrast, we have seen some hardshell cases that don’t do such a good job of that. Additionally, The ventilation holes at the bottom of the Haptique help keep the laptop running cool. The MacBook overall doesn’t get too hot in general, but even when using it with the Haptique on, it’s been running cool. The case naturally ads a bit of thickness to the top and bottom of the case which should also works to protect the laptop from some minor drops.


The Haptique claims to have a leather-like finish. Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed with this aspect of the case. The surface is pretty soft, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s quite leather like.
Overall as a hard-shell case, the quality of the Haptique is solid and choosing one of the available colors will certainly add some punch to your MacBook while also adding an extra layer of protection for it. The Uniea Haptique retails for $49.95.

The Good:
Great color choices, nice sleek fit, provides good protection

The Bad:

Not all that leather-like

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