Fly-Goodbye Pistol Replaces that Magazine for Killing Flies

The warm weather is soon approaching and with that comes all our favorite bugs: roaches, mosquitoes, and flies. Well if you got good aim and are handy with a pistol than you may enjoy the fly-goodbye. It looks like it borrowed its design from the super soaker. All you need to do is insert the front tube that has some glue at the bottom of it – pump it – aim – fire. If you are quick enough you’ll have a bullseye and the fly will be  trapped in the tube with glue. The actual tube does not shoot out but it works as a vacuum that sucks the fly in when the trigger is pushed, and it will work best when you are about 1 to 3cm away from the pest.  Extra glue tubes are stored in the Fly-Goodbye that resembles a barrel of a gun. The product is expected to start shipping in May and will retail for about $30 USD or €24.

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