Mimobot rayD80 Review

The Mimobot rayD80 has now been upgraded to a new body called rayD80. Of course all Mimobot’s come with a story and rayD80 is no different. His complex story is here which details how his new upgraded self, rayD80 will help save the world. Who knew USB keys would be come the future of toys?? But this review won’t focus on his personal trials and tribulations, but instead how we in real life interact with this fun USB flash drive.

Unlike many USB keys these days – preloaded goodies come loaded on to it. RayD80 comes fully loaded with games, wallpaper and it is also serves as a regular thumb drive, which these days is very handy to have with you. The games that are already loaded onto this thumb drive are similar to a Tetris game where you need to line up three of the same color blocks in order to get rid of the color line and as the blocks build up, they come down faster. You are also able to rearrange the colors so they can fit to the blocks that are already lined up. This is a very classic game which makes the player think quick and ahead. It is a good game to keep the mind going as I find myself playing similar games online all the time.

Another great feature the Mimobot has is wallpapers for your computer. You can personalize your computer  with the Mimobot as it comes preloaded with different wallpapers, avatars, and desktop icons. This is something different that no other thumb drive will have. If you purchase other characters from the Mimobot line you will also get games, avatars, wallpaper, etc..associated with that character.

RayD80 is plug and play and your computer will recognize the software and begin searching through different wallpapers and other available applications. There really is no thinking involved.

Overall this is a great purchase which has some nice features and also serves as a storage device. Also included in the package is a cute Mimobot felt jacket for your character and some stickers.  I highly recommend the Mimbot to any student or adult on the go looking to to get their USB Key noticed. It also makes for a cheerful desk decoration.  RayD80 retails for $24.95 for the 1gb version, 29.95 for the 2gb version, 39.95 for the 4gb version, and 59.95 for the 8gb version from Mimoco.

The Good:
Adorable  and fun design, comes preloaded with goodies like wallpaper and games

The Bad:
More expensive than ordinary USB keys, but worth it


  1. Lovely flash drive , you can many kinds of this beautiful consumer electronics at Tradestead , I like it very much!

  2. Lovely flash drive , you can many kinds of this beautiful consumer electronics at Tradestead , I like it very much!