Philips Recession Friendly GoGear Aria, Opus and ViBE DAPs

Philips has three new GoGear digital audio players to show off, each with recession-friendly price tags. First is the Opus, which has the biggest display of the bunch and is sporting “FullSound, a Philips-patented technology that enhances the sound quality of a MP3 file before it is sent to the speaker for professional sound quality.” It also has support for Rhapsody and Audible subscriptions, comes packaged with sound isolation headphones, and it has a wide 2.8″ display. The 8GB Opus will retail for just $99.99

Next up is is the Aria which is also compatible with Audible and Rhapsody subscriptions. But some of the Aria’s Stand out features include a 30 hour music and 6 hour video battery life, an FM tuner with presets, a 2″ color LCD with album art on display, the ability to download videos directly from online video sharing sites using the Internet Video Download Feature when connected to a PC, and the DAP comes packaged with sound isolation headphones. The 8GB version will retail for a very affordable $79.99, while the 16GB will be just $99.99.

Last but not least is the quite adorable, ViBE. Like its big brothers, it also has support for Rhapsody and Audible, and it also sports the same Internet Video Download feature that the Aria has. Aside from that, it has got a 1.5″ display that shows off album art, and it has an FM tuner as well. This cute little guy will come in a $49.99 4GB version and a $59.99 8GB version, and the ViBE will be available in black and white color choices.

Overall, what makes all of these new GoGear players stand out in this market is their affordable price point. None of them will cost your more than a Benjamin, and yet they still pack in everything you need for a stylish and capable, yet simple audio player.


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