Brickhouse Security Knows a Good Tweet When it Sees One

At Brickhouse Security’s Headquarters in New York City, aside from the regular offices and cubes that you would expect to see it at a dot com company, there is a special area dedicated to all things Twitter. The company has set up several computers manned by interns whose sole purpose is to constantly monitor people’s tweets for security related stories and thoughts. Aside from tweets, they also keep on top of news stories from around the globe related to security – that includes everything from the latest virus threat, to a cheating scheming husband caught in the act by someone using a technology. Along side of all of these PC set-ups, Brickhouse has also set up to 52″ Plasmas – one which has Tweetdeck displayed, and one with Twtterfall, so that everyone in the room or anyone who passes by can stay abreast of what is happening. It kind of reminds you of the set-up you would imagine for a headquarters at some high-tech government agency. But there is no secrecy involved here, but rather radical transparency. Brickhouse Security is happy to show off their Social Media prowess to us, as they strive to be the ultimate authority on security in Tweet land. You can follow them at: http://twitter.com/BrickHouseSec


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