Withings Connected Body Scale Transfers Fitness Info to iPhone via Wifi

Back in the day, a high tech body scale would be one that read your weight out loud. And we hated them for it! Now flash forward several years ahead and there is the Withings Connected Body Scale. This scale gives your weight and an analysis of your fat mass. Plus, using its Wifi connection, the scale records all your measures and sends it to your iphone. Then you can download the Withings iPhone app and you’ll be able to take a look at all that info, including the lean mass and fat mass curves, even when you’re not near the actual scale. Alternatively, you could monitor all the recorded information and charts by logging in to the Withings web control panel from any browser. The purpose of all of this is of course not to make you feel paranoid and fat, but to help understand your fitness, and the effects of a diet and sporting activity. The Withing Connected Scale retails for 129,00€ (about $183 USD).

Update 07/30/09: The scale will be available to US Customers in September at a retail price $159 USD at www.withings.com

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