Heartbeats by Lady Gaga Launches in New York

_DSC0055Today in New York, Monster officially launched the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga and like with everything Gaga – there was mass hysteria. As her song Paparazzi played in the background at the New York Palace Hotel – Noel Lee, Dr Dre, and Jimmy Iovine all welcomed their newest collaborator on to the stage. But Lady Gaga aside, we were here for the headphones and once the ‘paparazzi’ left the room, the discussion focused on the Heartbeats.

Poised and professional and most of the time concealed behind her fab sunglasses, Lady Gaga explained her passion for writing music and the importance of experiencing quality sound reproduction. She went on to explain why she chose the design of a triangle to exemplify the three things she would die without: love, fashion, and writing. Like with any genius, there is a method to their madness. Monster insures that the quality of the sound is still rich, despite being ‘fashion’ earphones. And even though these are likely to be labeled for women, Lady Gaga herself describes the Heartbeats designed to be ‘unisex’, at least for her fans anyway.

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Jimmy Iovine let a few cats out of the bag with news of collaborations with Apple as well as HP. Noel Lee also suggested they may bundle her next album with the Heartbeats as well. This is all speculative and all remains to be seen, but we are excited nonetheless.

The Heartbeats by Lady Gaga will come in a red designed carrying case with an assortment of eartips for all different size ear canals. There is also the famous ‘linguine’ cable to avoid tangled earphone wires. There will also be a version available with ControlTalk which works with both iPhone 3GS, Shuffle, and other new iPod and music devices.

The official launch will be on October 18th and suggested prices for the basic version of the Heartbeats will be $119.95. However you can get them on pre-order exclusively at Best Buy for $99.95.
The Heartbeats that feature ControlTalk will retail for $149.95 and will only be available in the color black on black.

Finally, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga Haute Couture Ultra High Definition Headphones with ControlTalk will be making their appearance in time for the holidays and will feature a red jewel shaped crystal earpiece design… there are no images available for that one yet and it will retail for $179.95. Stay tuned.
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