Lego Minifigures Get Second Lives as Flashlights

LEGO-0655Looking for a little extra lighting? Lego can help you out with five new Lego branded items, the Lego Brick Light, the Lego Dynamo Rechargeable Flashlight, the Lego LED Clip on Light/Head Lamp, and the Lego LED Torch Flashlight. I’ll start with the most unique of the bunch which is the Lego LED Clip on Light/Head Lamp. It features a LEGO Minifigure which can be clipped on to your jacket, backpack, or jean pocket. You can also utilize the included headband – how nerdy delicious. There are two LED white lights on the bottom of each foot which will light your way and are poseable. The Lego LED Clip on Light / Head Lamp retails for $11.99.

The Lego LED Torch Flashlight is also a Minifigure all grown up and now a torch flashlight. It too has lights on the bottom of its feet which are poseable. I dare you to use this is in a blackout! The Lego LED Torch Flashlight retails for $19.99.

The Lego Lantern is a perfect companion for camping trips or just to have! Its body illuminates to offer 360 degree lighting with its built-in 4 white LED lights. The best part is the handle which is a swing. The Lego LED Lantern costs $19.99. The Lego LED Dynamo Rechargeable Flashlight is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with batteries. Just crank the minifigs arm and its built-in electric generator will keep the lights on. Once again the LEDs are on the bottom of the feet. The Lego LED Dynamo Rechargeable Flashlight rLEGO-0665etails for $22.99.

Last but not least, the Lego Brick Light is perfect to stick places that need extra lighting. It’s suitable for closets or in dark corners where light is needed. Just place this little brick wherever you see fit and let the light shine in. Unfortunately, it isn’t available at the moment but will be coming soon and it will retail for $16.99.

So there you have it, lots of Lego goodness for the kid in you. Who says Legos are only meant for building things.


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