FastPencil’s Color Book Creator Lets You Publish a Comic or Children’s Book

screenshot_01if you’ve been waiting to publish your romance novel, or an autobiography, or maybe those two are the same for you, then there is no better time than the present to jump on that if you decide to use FastPencil. FastPencil guides you through each step of the publishing process, from content creation to completion. The service provides free online tools for you to write and edit your book, and it also lets you collaborate with friends so they can give you their two cents as you work. Once you’re done with your masterpiece, FastPencil will get you set up with a design for the cover. And when the book is completed, you can choose from having just 1 copy printed or thousands – that is up to you. To top it all off, FastPencil will even distribute the book for you at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other retailers. They also offer self promotion pages, community interaction, and the ability to publish to ebook formats for the iPhone and Kindle.

They have also announced that as of September 29th they are going to offer the Color Book Creator that will let authors easily produce children’s books, cookbooks, comic books and coffee tables books. The new Color Book Creator lets writers focus on the visuals too, instead of just the copy. You’ll be able to import images and illustrations to pages and see your vision come alive in real time.

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