Sanyo Brings the Eneloop Bike Stateside, Makes an Early Christmas Present for Lazy Bicyclists

eneloop-bike1-2-1Last year Sanyo unveiled its eneloop bike but it was only for our Far-East cousins ,but now its making its debut in the United States. For those not familiar with the eneloop, it’s a hybrid pedal assist electric bike that gets about 40 miles per charge. Basically meaning, you probably won’t loose that much weight riding this thing. Unveiled at the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas a few days ago, Sanyo will introduce into the US market the “Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle” as its entry model into the marketplace. The eneloop bike is expected to be available throughout the United States beginning in November, with a retail price starting at $2,299. There is even a product page up for it here.


Additional eneloop bike features include:
•    250-Watt DC brushless motor
•    25.9 volt/5.7 Ampere-hour(Ah) lithium-ion battery
•    Charge time ~ 3.5 hours
•    Total bike weight ~ 50 pounds
•    Taillight brake lamp
•    Handlebar panel switch
•    High-intensity, flashing LED tail lamp that operate when the headlight is turned on and flash faster when braking
•    Low frame and saddle design to allow easy step-through and mounting
•    Seat that accommodates 26-inch framing
•    Adjustable saddle with a range of 7 inches to accommodate riders of all heights
•    Neatly-designed frame with internal cabling
•    Shaped saddle with shock absorbing elastomer cushion to decrease rider fatigue

Expected riding distances*:
•    Up to 17 miles in Standard Mode – no charging while riding (with the motor engaged)
(based on company start & stop driving pattern for 219 yards)
•    Up to 20 miles in Power-Up Mode – regenerative charging via braking only
(based on company continuous riding pattern without stopping)
•    Up to 40 miles in Auto Mode – full regenerative charging
(based on company continuous riding pattern without stopping—maximum distance)

*Riding distances are based on company driving patterns

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