CES 2010: Dash/Friction Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle for iPhone

Picture 16This tidy little device combines a sound amplification system with a cradle. It doubles the sound so you can understand it more clearly in the car. The cradle holds your iPhone safely and securely on even the roughest terrain yet uses no adhesive or hardware so it can be repositioned for optimum GPS reception and moved easily from car to car.

Features and Benefits
•Amplifies iPhone speaker for twice the volume with no
added battery drain
•Mounts on any dash-no installation required
•Lets you quickly and easily insert and remove your iPhone
with one hand-even in a case
•Provides a safe, secure fit every time
•Mounts with no adhesives so it won´t damage your dash
•Cradle swivels, tilts and turns for unlimited flexibility or
•Includes 4 sets of swappable rubber inserts to fit 2G/3G/3GS iPhones with and without a case

Available at Kensington for $40.

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