CES 2010: DivX TV brings Internet TV to participating Blu-ray players

divxtvDivX just announced a new Internet TV platform which aggregates and streams many popular online video feeds. DivX TV will be built into Blu-ray players of participating brands, first starting with LG. The application organizes media from a variety of popular websites into channels and genres. Think of it like Pandora for internet television. This encourages content discovery and engages users. There is no charge for the service. Content providers are willing to license out their media because it they will be streaming with the advertisements that are normally packaged with the content. DivX TV is loaded with HD and SD content with feeds from DivX, The White House, Barely Political, Associated Press, Revision 3, Break, CBS News, CnetTV and more. No YouTube as of yet. DivX TV makes a pretty good attempt at becoming an actual media center by offering movies, photos, and music streaming from the device. Photos can also be pulled from Picasa. No word on the video formats that will be supported, but I think it is safe to assume DivX will be supported. The user interface was very clean and easy to use.

vbrandDivX TV seems to be a watered down version of Boxee, but it has something Boxee does not have—good ties with hardware developers. Computers are still too tricky for the average computer to hook up to their television and easily use. DivX TV will be great for consumers looking to easily bring internet video content to their televisions. As of now there is no word on whether or not DivX TV will be released to use on our PCs or Macs. Pricing is up to the OEMs, but you can imagine they’ll be similarly priced to any other [non-budget] Blu-ray player. We will see the players packaged with DivX TV at some point this year.

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