CES 2010: myDitto is a Portable Network Server in Your Pocket

mydittoWell we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of CES related content and so far the most exciting items have been creative new ways for using USB Flash Drives. The latest is myDitto from Dane-Elec a new device that allows users to remotely access their home or office Servers – using a USB key. myDitto enables users to remotely access their home or business myDitto Servers through a direct peer-to-peer connection – simply by inserting an easy-to-use, lightweight USB key into any PC or laptop. All you need to do is Connect the myDitto Server to a router, create and authenticate up to 30 personalized myDitto Keys for all users, and then simply insert their myDitto Keys into a laptop or PC for instant access to their critical data files, music, videos and photos located on their servers. Through a software application smart phone users, including those with an iPhone can also enjoy access to their myDitto Server. Dane-Elec also designed the myDitto Server as a one-step, plug ‘n play network server for the home or small business.  With no technical knowledge required, users can easily transfer digital files to the myDitto Server from both wired and wireless devices (including PCs, laptops, PDAs and smart phones).  Everyone in the home or office can then share and access all of their data from the centralized myDitto Server. This is perfect for an alternate solution to VPN or for others it offers rapid remote access to an entire home network through a small and lightweight USB key. Pricing and availability to be announced soon.

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