WirelessMediaStick Streams Sends Media Files to any USB Enabled DVD Player

hstiThe WirelessMediaStick by HSTi – Home Server Technologies Inc. is just another goody we will be seeing this week at CES.  The WirelessMediaStick streams your media files from any computer within a wireless network to any USB enabled DVD/Blu-ray player, TV, stereo or digital picture frame. Just plug it in and the device is now connected to your files, so that you’ll be able to play your music, videos and photos instantly. The WirelessMediaStick is essentially a virtual mass storage device which streams video, photos and music stored on any shared computer or mass storage device within your home/office network by utilizing your existing wireless router.  It eliminates the need for a media storage device to be placed next to your DVD player, TV, or Digital picture frame.  It is compatible with virtually any manufacturer’s audio/visual device that supports viewing/playing of stored media through the USB port.  The technology is managed by a web based interface accessible from any computer in your home. The WirelessMediaStick doesn’t need to be re-programed when you put more media on to your network; it automatically discovers it.  In addition, you can utilize your existing remote control so it is very easy to use. No pricing or word on availability yet but when we find out next week, we will update this post.

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