Budsock Prevents Tangled Headphone Wires

budsock3BudSock may just save you 10 to 15 minutes of your day – everyday from untangling headphone wires. Budsock is a simple, eco-friendly design that allows you to stow away your earbuds in your pocket, your bag, or any place you might shove them without them getting tangled. It is easy to use, weightless, bulkless and saves you time and hassle. The earth-friendly BudSocks are made of brass with the surface electroplated in silver and the fabric used for the BudSock is 100 percent organic cotton. I’m not sure its the greatest fashion statement wearing this thing around your neck, but I guess if it saves you just a smidgen of aggravation due to tangled wires its worth it. All you do is thread the earbuds or headphones through the pouch and the wires stay in place and untangled. The Budsock retails for $4.99. Dopey creation or ingenious design – we will let you decide…



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