Hands on with Puppy Tweets, Mattel’s Twitter Dog Collar

puppytweetsPuppy Tweets a new “toy” from Mattel that is about to transform Twitter as we know it. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and monitor’s his physical activity throughout the day. Each time it detects new activity, or on the otherhand – it detects laziness, the device will send out a tweet from your dog’s Twitter account about what the pup is up to at that moment. This is a super fun way for owners to keep on top of what their dog is doing during the day.

Available in pink or blue, Puppy Tweets works by attaching the device to your dog’s collar. The device runs on a wi-fi internet connection, and a USB receiver needs to be plugged in, and your computer turned on in order for the device to send out tweets. You can also specify at what intervals you want your dog to send out tweets, so that his/her’s twitter followers don’t become overwhelmed. Currently, the system comes with over 500 different tweets, and more tweets will be available to download.

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With over 73 million dog in the U.S., and 43 million dog owners, Puppy Tweets looks like it’s about to take twitter by storm, and we foresee more #Fail wails happening in the future as a result. Will all of these new tweets be considered Puppy Spam? Time will tell. But either way, our puppy can’t wait to try out this device. You can follow her at @littlebuttons. It will just be a bit embarrassing when she ends up having more Twitter followers than us.

UPDATE October 5th, 2010: Check out our Puppy Tweets Review