ShaToBu Shapewear Lets You Burn Calories Just By Wearing It

shabtuShaToBu might just be the smartest shaper ever created. Not only does it help transform last night’s cheese cake in to a sleek silhouette figure, it also lets women burn up to 12% of calories during the day – just by wearing it. ShaToBu was invented by a doctor who got fed up by the fact that her patients were ignoring her when she prescribed them patients to do exercise. So she came up with the idea of ShaToBu as an easy way for women to do exercise during the day.  By wearing ShaToBu during the course of a day, while walking, climbing stairs and engaging in normal physical activities, ShaToBu manages to help you lose extra weight. “The seamless resistance bands in the buttocks and thigh area are combined with a specially designed, non-binding waist and leg bands to prevent rolling, cutting or bulging.” You can preorder ShaToBu now as Waist to Knee for £40 and High Waist to Knee for £50 from MyTights.

ShaToBu: New shaper helps women burn calories
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