Free DivX Plus Software Converts Video to 1080p HD

screenshot_01DivX has released its new DivX Plus Software package which supports up to 1080p HD H.264-based videos. The package consists of four products: the DivX Plus Player, the DivX Plus Web Player, the DivX Plus Codec Pack, and the DivX Plus Converter. The DivX Plus Player includes the all-new DivX To Go feature, which makes it easy to transfer videos from the computer to any DivX compatible devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, digital televisions, gaming consoles and mobile phones. Meanwhile, the new DivX Plus Web Player will let people stream HD video right in their web browser. But the highlight of these new products is really the DivX Plus Converter which has been completely redesigned an is now being offered totally free of charge. This software can covert 1080p HD content to DivX Plus HD, which is based on the MKV file container and H.264 codec. That means that DivX is now making it much easier and affordable for the masses to do 1080p conversions.

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