Huffy Karaoke Cruiser Bicycle with MP3 Speaker

screenshot_03So it’s officially Spring – so that means we can talk about bicycles again. The Huffy 26 inch Karaoke Cruiser Bicycle is the first bike we’ve seen to ship with a speaker system. In this case, the cruiser bike features the Huffy A.M.P Amplifier/speaker built into its removable handlebar bag. You can plug your iPod or any standard digital audio or CD player into this speaker, so that you can listen to tunes while you ride. The bike also features coaster brakes, a quick release seat and 12-gauge spokes. Granted, we do appreciate that the bike ships with a speaker, but the reality is that there are plenty of speakers out there that you can buy to add to your bike’s handlebars. You can pick up the Huffy 26 inch Karaoke Cruiser Bicycle with MP3 Speaker for just $142.99 and there is both a version for men and for women available at Toys R’ Us.

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