iLuv iMM190 App Station is Now Available

screenshot_01When iLuv showed us the iMM190 App Station in person back at CES, they really couldn’t tell us too many specifics but it was probably the most unique iPod dock for your bedroom/office we had seen throughout the entire show. Well it’s finally now available to consumers for $89.99.  What makes it special is the iLuv’s App Station is  a new type of dock for the iPhone/iPod that features an application called “iLuv App Clock” that transforms it into alarm clock with a large digital display and also tells you the weather. The app itself is available for free from the App store but when conjoined with the iMM190 App Station it also allows full cross-functional access to the user’s iTunes library and many more features. In addition to the App, this multimedia speaker dock offers some impressive sound screenshot_02quality which we got to see first hand. The iMM190 App Station is available now at

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