Key2SafeDriving Deactivates Texting and Phone Calls While Driving

300BlackBerrySoon one of the leading causes of accidents will not be drunk driving, but texting while driving. Key2SafeDriving is hopefully a solution that helps stop this widespread problem. Currently available for the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian cellphones, Key2SafeDriving uses software and a plug-and-forget Activator that installs in your car without needing a wrench or screwdriver. The Key2SafeDriving automatically starts working when the car is started. Before handing over the keys, put the drivers phone into Safe Driving Mode, and it disables its ability to send or receive calls or text messages. It monitors, reports and regulates mobile phone activity while driving. Incoming calls go directly to voicemail and incoming text messages are sent an automated reply indicating the recipient is driving and will respond later. The only function that works is 911. Key2SafeDriving is available now for $99.95. I’m not sure how many teenagers or even adults will appreciate their phone being deactivated while driving but if it saves just a few lives – its worth its weight in gold.

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